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Aerie Gift Cards

Aerie Gift Cards

Shopon introduces the concept of Aerie gift cards that is a part of the American Eagle Outfitters brand. The brand Deals with the undergarment products of young girls between 15- 25 who want trend-setting intimate attire,  sleepwear, dorm wear, beach and swimwear, casual and athletic clothing at very attractive prices. The Aerie's bras are highly regarded for comfort & style that promotes the confidence of customers with smooth quality & flexibility and also the product available in size from 30AA to 36 DDD. Aerie is the part of American Eagle Outfitters, the most trusted brand of the USA. If you are watching for a gift for your girlfriend and you are not decided what you can select, TheAerie gift card is The best option for you to make your gift pleasant to your girlfriend. She gets to choose and you get full points for your thought fullness. Shopon got a vast variety of E gift cards to make essential for their customer to choose and send gifts to their loved ones. These cards are good for cooperation as it is a gift to employs for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother day, Independence day or for any professional holidays.

Aerie Gift Cards Types

Aerie gift cards are of two types :

  • Open-loop cards
  • Closed-loop cards
  • Open-loop cards

Network or Cobranding cards

Issued by banks or credit card companies
Redeemed by different establishment

Closed-loop cards

Issued by specific stores

Redeemed by the issuing provider


The features of EGift cards are as follows:

  • Mobile delivery
  • Group gifting
  • Photo & Video messaging
  • Animated greeting cards
  • Promotions Engine
  • Social Gifting
  • Online balance check
  • Customer appeasement tool
  • B2B sales
  • Customizable UI
  • Fraud Indemnification
  • Easy integration
  • Reporting & analytics

Purchase for yourself

  • Access from claim link send by email
  • Answer the security question
  • Screenshot the gift card
  • Able to print
  • Able to redeem online or in-store

Send to friend

  • By Email
  • By text
  • By postal mail
  • You will receive the delivery notification

Receive from friend

  • Receive a gift notification
  • Get a claim link

Best for customer

  • Make an eGifter account
  • Automatically saved to your eGifter Wallet
  • Visibility of order history
  • Resending & reGifting can be easily done

Expiration date

Specified on the reverse side of the card
Available on the front side in rear cases

Aerie Gift Cards Balance

  • Checking the balance on the company website
  • Any authorized place in your city

Egifter's gift card API

      Shopon provides eGifter offers to a flexible gift card APIthatmakes the customer to meet their specific need. API offers a rapid time to market and makes fast delivery for over 300 different gift card brands.


Aerie Gift Cards Benefits

  • Rapid time to market
  • Lightning-fast API responses
  • Over 300 gift cards options
  • Order individual card or in bulk
  • Drawdown funds from a single account
  • Easily track card delivery
  • Extensive reporting
  • Protection of your account & fund

Gift Cards Redeem

The process of redeeming is as follows:

  •  Enter the gift card number at the payment page of
  • Three gift cards can be redeemed at one time
  • Check out will be processed at U.S funds.