Athleta Gift Cards

The Athleta was discovered in 1988, with the basic agenda of meets the unique requirements related to the women interested in athleticism. Today, there are more than 190 athletic stores in the United States. In the era of 2008 to 2012, Athleta authorized their first store in Mill Valley, California. Athleta also launched the campaign of community-driven Power of She where they adopt the debut of Athleta girl. The Athleta certified with proper B-corp in 2018. Now moving on, Athleta deals with all the merch items & accessories related to under-garments as well as women’s apparel.

Buy the Athleta Gift cards at Shopon!!!

Get the best purchasing value with the essence of getting something new related to girl’s fitness & also with the best merch products of Athleta at Shopon. From a mini-budget up to a 100$ athlete gift card, Shopon gave you the best deal to avail the opportunity. The purchasing value dominates from 5k to 20k.

Build your physique with the Athleta FitPro Program!!!

The program is categorized into two sections of getting the best fitness program for women ever:

  • Athleta FitPros
  • FitPro Perks

Athleta FitPros!!!

Certified fitness experts, personal trainers, and group fitness coaches who are obsessive about Athleta’s motto to backing women and girls to reach their infinite potential. Incorporation with their home store, in their civic society, and on social media via #AthletaFitPro, our FitPros are Athleta’s extreme champions. They love to consolidate towards women.



FitPro Perks!!!


Get exclusively discount up to 30% as compared to in-store products, FitPros introduces the latest styles of equipment to boost the daily workout uniquely. FitPro also introduces full insider access:


  • Workshops and interacting actions for skilled growth and teamwork
  • Teaching prospects to showcase their skills
  • Advertising offers to share with students and customers


Athleta Gift Cards Kinds!!!


Athleat deals with traditional gift cards and electronic gift cards, which can be redeemed at any of their stores & online. Select the type of gift card that's most suitable for you and your receiver.


What is the form of traditional Gift cards??

Traditional gift cards have a plastic body just like a credit card.

What is the form of Electronic Gift Cards??

It can be printed out. The outer body of the Electronic gift cards has a virtual look.

Can we get the gift card along with the other purchases of products??

Yes, in the case of Traditional Athleta Gift Card but you can not buy an Electronic Gift card.

How the gift cards are sent to the receiver??

Gift cards can be sent via email which takes 1 to 9 days & also depends on the delivery methods in Traditional Gift cards & Electronic Gift cards sent via email but receives within hours to the recipient.

What is the Expiry date fo Gift cards??

There is no expiry date available in any Athleta gift card.

Can the Gift Card be used as cash or make any payment to the store account??

The answer is no

Can you get the card to redeem online or can it be redeemed in stores only??

You can redeem the Athleat gift cards in both ways.


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