Balloonee Standard Disposable Helium Party Kit

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Balloonee Make Your Own Balloons

Balloonee Disposable Helium Party Kits are easy to use, portable party decoration kits perfect for any occasion. Browse our DIY party ideas, decorations, and themes.

Helium balloons are a great way to decorate any party or event as it creates a celebratory, fun and exciting ambiance to the space! The helium balloons, in particular, are quite special and different from the standard balloons because they float around in the air, remain suspended and do not fall to the ground. People opt for helium-filled balloons to take their party, event or celebration to a next level!

Balloonee Helium Tank

Welcome To Balloonee!

Helium balloons are available in both inflated and uninflated forms. But the advantage of filling the balloons yourself is that its way easier to transport the balloons to the venue and ensure they last long without the fear of popping during transportation. To inflate the helium balloons, all one needs is a Helium Balloon tank to inflate balloons on the location.

Helium tanks are lightweight, disposable and easy to use. The helium tanks make decoration at any event, a piece of cake. Rather than transporting dozens of balloons from the store, helium balloon tank conveniently inflates balloons onsite.

Why Our Customers Love the Balloonee Helium Kit

  • Such a novel concept! Why pay a fortune for helium balloons when you can blow up a bunch of balloons yourself.
  • The helium gas is non-flammable and ultra-safe to use.
  • The tank can be easily disposed of and is not an ecological danger.

We have a range of helium cylinder packages to suit all requirements and budgets. Our disposable cylinders are a great option for small events, whilst our hire cylinder range offers an excellent solution for inflating large numbers of balloons at fantastic value.

Balloonee Helium Tank Guide


How to Inflate:

1. Rotate 4 full turns. Float Time: 5-7 hours.

2. Fill balloons 1-2 hours before event. Altitude, high temperature and humidity will affect balloon performance.

3. Read all cautionary statements on back panel and enclosed warnings and instructions.

The kit needs no particular assembling apart from pushing on the nozzle to the tank. I also like the fact that the tank itself is very light and portable. Would be super convenient for offsite parties. The only bit that takes a little practice is getting just the right amount of helium gas into each balloon.

Determine the time to inflate:

The time period for helium balloons to stay afloat depends on the temperature, altitude and humidity in the environment. The foil balloons can stay afloat in the air for three to fifteen days and the standard latex balloons stay suspended unto fifteen hours. So, it is important to keep this aspect in the mind prior to filling the balloons.

Turning on the helium tank:

Take out the tank from the box and keep it in a safe and secure place. Position the tank with the nozzle facing away from you. Check to see that the nozzle is tight on its stem. Open the release by turning the valve handle counterclockwise.

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