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Blue Pottery

Thinking to buy a Blue Pottery Tea Set?

Have you heard about the famous blue pottery tea-set of Multan? A city in Punjab, which is renowned for its antique and beautiful handicrafts. Although these handicrafts are derived from Persian influence, yet now it's widespread in Multan and has a sophisticated, unique and eye-catchy design of its own. Multan's famous blue pottery has many antique designs. It is available in different colours, including blue (which is the most popular as it is considered royal), lime green, golden, white, red, and brown too. Blue pottery design is not just limited to tea-sets, but also plates, cups, and many other items. This art is also used in decorating homes by extending it to tiles, ceilings, dining rooms, etc.

Why should you purchase a Blue Pottery Tea Set?

Blue pottery tea-set is usually made up of ceramic, and its best feature is its ability to maintain temperature for a long time. This makes it a very suitable choice for serving tea to your esteemed guests. Furthermore, it is practically impossible to burn your hands because of the thick walls. This way, you can enjoy a hot cup of tea in a relaxed manner. Besides, ceramics don't absorb extraneous odors, which are considered an essential aspect of the tea making process. Different tea varieties can be brewed in the same ceramic teapot. 

Buy Blue Pottery Tea Set Online:

Previously blue pottery tea-sets were only limited to few shops of Multan, but due to the trend of online shopping, now these are available in different designs online. It’s a highly demanded product, not just among foreigners, but also local people. There is a complete crafts market in Multan where you can find different blue pottery designs, and blue design is the most famous as it is considered royal. Currently, anyone can have access to these beautiful and uniquely crafted pieces due to their online availability. 

Buy Blue Pottery of Multan Online -

At, we bring to your attention the most popular option for tea ceremony, which is a Blue pottery tea-set; now widely available in local markets of Multan as well as online in different designs and colors. These detailed sets serve as an excellent choice to serve your guests in the best possible way, and brings you the opportunity of getting access to these products within no time. 

Shop Customized Blue Pottery of Multan from

The best part of purchasing these antique sets from us is that we can even customize it for you. All you have to do is share your desired design, and we will provide you with its complete set. You can choose in any color or craft. Now you can ask for a custom order if you want, and we will design it for you. We have a wide range of different beautifully crafted and designed fish dishes, handi & pots, mugs, planters, plates, serving bowls, tea-sets, and even vases in blue pottery design and other colors. 

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At, customer satisfaction is our priority. You can call or email us and get these excellent tea sets on demand.


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