Claim Jumper

Delight Your Day With The Best Claim Jumper Appetizers!!

Claim Jumper is the global network of breakfast & brunch Buffet outlets making the people delightful with its old juicy taste. It serves with pancake stakes, carrot cake French toast, eggs benedict, Denver omelet, and many more. It gives the facility of dining in and takeaway. Many branches of Claim Jumper's are serving with high quality. Shopon provokes the Claim Jumper's gift cards that help the customers for making better food chronicles.

Purchase Claim Jumper’s Gift Cards With Shopon

Now in Pakistan, you can get the Claim Jumper’s easily through shopon. It brings gift cards for breakfast favorites, Brunch buffets, Cocktails for getting the restaurant’s membership. There is great news for the food lovers that accommodate different amounts and categories. You can select the gift of your choice and use it only in Jumper’s restaurant in place of cash. It allows the customers to get food of their choice when they are out of cash.

What you can get in the menu of Claim Jumper’s Restaurants?

  • Breakfast
  • Brunch Buffet
  • Happy Hour
  • Group dining
  • Cocktails



What are the denominations of Claim Jumper Gift Cards at Shopon?

Buy the cards at a reasonable denomination:

  • $25
  • $30
  • $35
  • $40
  • $50
  • $100

Get your card now at a valuable price.


What is the procedure of getting Claim Jumper Gift Cards at Shopon?

  • After getting the card from the shopon, move to the page and select the process of payment method.
  • After selecting the purchase method, select the gift card according to your budget.
  • Add personal information like PIN code and the card number.
  • Your payment will be added to the card and you can order anytime.

What are the general terms & conditions of Claim Jumper Gift Cards?

Claim Jumper Gift Cards are distributed by CashStar, Inc., a Delaware corporation by visiting their official site, you must agree that the laws of the State of Maine, without regard to ideologies of conflict of laws, will oversee these Gift Card terms and conditions. CashStar invests the exact to change these Ts & Cs from time to time in its choice. Gift Cards are issued by MOCGC, Corp. for further information you must refer to the official site of Claim Jumper.

What is the procedure to redeem the Claim Jumper Gift Cards?

Claim Jumper Gift Cards are redeemable at any contributing Landry's, Incorporation located in the United States. According to the term & condition of cash star, there is a list of stores that do not accept Gift Cards. But Landry's Inc. Gift Cards are available for purchase here. There are no fees of any kind that will be executed on purchasers or recipients of Gift Cards.

What is the procedure of checking the balance of Claim Jumper Gift Cards?

There are two ways of checking the balance of Claim Jumper Gift Card:
1. Visit the official site of checking the balance of the Claim Jumper

  1. Make a call on this contact number 1-888-345-8380, the operator will guide you about your card balance information.


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