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Moving from Japan to the Philippines, Mrs. Hiroko Fijumura began JiPan in 1992 as a hobby. She saw the potential of serving freshly baked, Japanese inspired pastries for everyone to try. Putting this passion into heart, JiPan only serves freshly baked bread and pastries everyday. They pride themselves with using only pure butter and natural ingredients, and serve nothing artificial for their regular and new customers.

After 20 years, JiPan rebrands and makes itself more modern and chic for its clientele. Now owned and handled by Stephanie Brimo, she expands Mrs. Fijumura’s vision with over a decade of her international training and occupation in the hotel and food industry. She retains everyone and everything behind the scenes: the people, the recipes, the ingredients. Her taste for aesthetics gives JiPan its new logo, minimalist interiors and warm lighting. She creates a redefined space for people to have a home with the menu and the pastries they have come to love. Aside from delectable pastries that are perfect for gifting, JiPan also offers Japanese dishes at reasonable prices. From salads to set meals, they also have originals like their take on Perdus and Japanese Poppers.

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