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Mobile Phones

"Mobile Phones"

In the fast era that we are living in, a mobile phone is the need of the day. Although the primary purpose of a mobile phone is voice communication, yet there are many other functionalities, without which it isn't elementary to move on! Mobile phones available these days are meant to serve multiple purposes. 

Why do you require a mobile phone?

Like traditional landlines, mobile phones allow one user to call another and talk remotely. Features related to voice communication include automatic redialing, calling the last number, caller ID, incoming and outgoing call log, speakerphone or hands-free capabilities, and speed dialing. Some phones are also equipped with dial-up features such as a silent mode that deactivates ringing or indicates incoming calls and vibrating alerts. In addition to voice functions, most modern mobile phones offer some text or data transfer. Users can send short messages to other mobile phones, share files such as images and videos or access the Internet through integrated web browsers and other Internet applications optimized to work with a small screen.

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Latest features in recently launched mobile phones:

Some standard non-communication functions in cellular phones include contact lists, calendars, and watches to help the user keep track of appointments and obligations. Most modern mobile phones include simple calculators, and some offer more advanced calculators such as scientific calculators. Word processors, spreadsheets, and document viewer are also available on some phones. Many phones contain a camera capable of capturing and sending images and videos. A wide variety of video games for mobile phones have also been developed, transforming the phone into a portable game console, and the programming development allows for unlimited possibilities for more applications that can be created and used in mobile phones in the future.

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