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Netflix Gift Card



An emerging website with a lot of entertainment, Netflix is a movie streaming website where viewers can watch movies and web series of different genres available on website, Netflix has its app as well. You can also able to watch movies on their app also. Netflix is available in many countries, and they have content in different languages.

Netflix gift card

Netflix gift card is a digital gift card that you can use it through the payment method while using your Netflix account. You need to pay for this if you want to use the gift card easily. You can also gift it to someone you want, and they will avail the amount. Netflix gift card contains a lot of entertainment related to movies, web series, etc. With different packages.

How to use Netflix gift card

You have to download the Netflix app first. Then you make an account and you will have to pay for the subscription you purchase for using Netflix a gift card. You will able to buy a subscription without using your credit card details in your account.

Cost is real

The cost of Netflix has different pricing in different countries. They also have a mobile plan available in many countries. They have our-screen HD quality streaming plan open for everyone. The price will be higher than usual.


The validity will be given in the gift card, and you can use the gift card within the validity period only.

Netflix gift card Redeem

To redeem the Netflix gift card, make an account on Netflix and go to the account settings, by putting and adding the gift card code there, the balance will redeem in your account and balance will be used when you are buying your subscription.

Netflix gift card  Amount 

Netflix gift cards contain different amounts of each available on our website. When the customers choose the gift cards they can easily select the one they want and they should make sure that they have enough points to buy the gift card.


Netflix gift cards are now available on our website Once you purchased, It’ll deduct the given amount from monthly subscription cost after following a couple of simple steps provided by Netflix help centre. 

Go to

Scratch of the foil sheet from the back of the gift card to reveal the code

Enter the 11 digit code on the website

If you already have a Netflix account, you can enter the code on your account page.

Put that number into promo code or pin box as shown in figures at the bottom.

Press redeem to use gift cards and the funds will be applied to your account's subscription.

If you have a free one month trial, then your fund will be applied to your monthly account after the trial expires.

Types of subscription

When you have redeemed your gift card you can purchase a Netflix Subscription of your own choice. Netflix deals with three types of subscriptions.

Basic subscription($799 per month)

Standard subscription($999 per month)

Premium subscription($1199 per month)

All subscriptions give you access to Netflix for one month. The difference between the subscriptions is the number of screens you can use simultaneously to watch Netflix which can be viewed in HD or ultra HD so choose the subscription that suits you best.