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Nintendo Eshop Card

Nintendo Eshop Card

The fun with the games and entertainment with your whole family, Nintendo Eshop Card is the best option for the customers. You can find easily the great pack of games&accessories related to Nintendo Eshop on Shopon now. Nintendo Eshop cards allow you to purchase additional games, applications & unique content directly to your Nintendo console or handheld. These gift cards with a great number of values & make a great gift for a gamer in your life. You can make it purchase from Shopon quickly & safely. Gamers always have access to additional game content, new games & tons of great media. Gamers can easily choose to select games rather than to select randomly. These cards are quite famous for kids to play with their family & friends. You can enhance your entertainment hub through Nintendo Eshop cards. The type of card that includes classic & indie games. Eshop card contains different support by product.


Support By Product

Following are the requirements to use the product


  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo DS family
  • Nintendo DSi family
  • Nintendo 3DS family
  • Wii
  • Wii U
  • Wii Mini


Nintendo Switch Online

Following are the features of Nintendo Switch


  • Nintendo Account
  • NES & Super NES required
  • Family offers or Membership ( up to 8 Nintendo accounts)
  • Family packages Membership for aged 18 +
  • Use Nook link
  • Chatting during Gameplay ( Nook link service)


Nintendo DS Family

The setup process of the DS browser to make on your screen is to follow the following steps


  • Set keyboard language
  • Make Time zone according to your location
  • Launch-Restricting password
  • Fast Internet Connection to connect DS
  • Wrench icon use to change the settings



Nintendo DSi Family

The initial setup to make perform for customers for Nintendo DSi family is as follow


  • Go to settings( first time when you powered on your system)
  • Select ok ( lower right on each screen)
  • Select language
  • Tap your country residence
  • Adjust date & time
  • Assign user nickname
  • Put the message for greeting
  • Enter your birthdate
  • Set default colour for your menu
  • Make parental control settings
  • Tap quit ending initial setup


Nintendo 3DS Family

The famous for 3d graphics, Shopon deals with Nintendo 3DS on their website and the following are the instructions that helped the customer to use 3DS card the first time:


  • Select Language settings
  • Follow on-screen instructions for 3D images
  • Must confirm the super-stable 3D system is functioning correctly
  • Enter today s date
  • Enter correct time
  • Enter the nickname
  • Competitor 3DS will see your nickname
  • Enter your Date of birth
  • Enter the country
  • Review the Nintendo 3DS service, user agreement
  • Accept the agreement
  • Configure the system for internet access
  • Configure the parental controls
  • Perform a system transfer for a new Nintendo 3Ds, new Nintendo 3DSXL, or new Nintendo 2DXL.


  • Wii U

The console used to connect with your TV to make the features more valuable and entertaining. For that purpose

Following instructions should be follow


  • Put Wii U console at least 10 I’m away from walls that may block ventilation
  • Turn your TV off
  • Connect HDMI cable to HDMI port of the TV
  • Connect another end of HDMI to Wii console
  • Turn on the TV
  • Select the correct input channel
  • Set Wii U's tv connection type to HDMI

Wii & Wii mini

The process connects the Wii console to TV by using components of video cables. Following are the instructions


  • Locate audio/video input jacks and the component input jacks on tv
  • The connection of rectangular plug of the component video cable into digital AV out port On the back of Wii console must be sustained.
  • Connect component video cables in such a way:
  • Red: Pr/Cr( red)
  • Blue:Pb/Cb( blue)
  • Green: Y ( green)
  • White: audio input left
  • Red: audio input right
  • Enable progressively scan mode
  • Select fro the TV to view the game


These are the major support by the product of Nintendo and these are all available at Shopon with great offers & discounts. Customers can easily get all the items with great ease and fewer prices.


  • Redeem


  • Visit
  • Sign in to your Nintendo account
  • Enter 16 digit downloaded code
  • Select next
  • Re-enter your Nintendo account and password
  • After promoted, select redeem to complete the process.