ONIKUMA K18 Gaming Headset Cool Lighting Bass Head-Mounted Game Headphones

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Onikuma K18 Gaming Headset -Over Ear Wired Headphone with LED Light and Noise Reduction Mic - Soft Over Ear Earmuffs For PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (Adapter Need),S Nintendo Switch,PC,Laptop

1. Shocking bass, cool styling, K18 focused on player gaming experience, bringing you the enjoyment of controlling the overall situation. Starting from the needs of players, professional design and strict quality focus on the player's operating experience in the game
2. Retractable microphone is not only cool but also flexible and convenient artificial design. Using 50MM super large generating unit, the generating unit can achieve three-frequency balanced positioning and accurate positioning, and left and right stereo speakers
3. Immersive, the lifelike feeling of Lin Yan guns passing through your ears, you will only know if you have experienced it firsthand. Lightweight and comfortable to play. Lightweight plastic material reduces the weight of the headphone holder and makes it more comfortable to wear for a long time
4. Vibrate the sound effects, listen to the sound position, and not miss the details of each sound, let you take the lead in the game. Wear it for a long time without head pressure, comfortable earmuffs, sound insulation, human skin press, and cool to wear in hot summer
5. Anti-violent pull high strength, high toughness, anti-violent pull, no need to worry about the headset breaking
Headphone type: Headphone
Headphone output source: General
Plug diameter: 3.5mm
Plug type: Straight plug
Whether wireless headset: Wired headset
Impedance: 20+/-15% (ohm)
Sounding principle: Moving coil
Frequency response range: 20hz-20khz (Hz)
Sensitivity: 108+/-3 (dB)
Wire length: 2.2 (m)
Speaker diameter: 50 (Φmm)
Purpose: ordinary earphones, voice earphones, computer earphones, music earphones, gaming earphones
colour:Black blue
Package Contents:
1 x Headset
1 x Adapter Cable

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