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PC Games & Codes

Pc Games & Codes

The millions of entertainment are just one click away because Shopon provides the top quality games &codes on our website that includes EA origin games, Rock star social club games, steam games, Uplay games &diablo 3. The real world of gaming just at your home gets it on fair prices only on Shopon.

Buy EA origin Games at Shopon

The most attractive & genuine features of sports games, Shopon brings you the most demanding games of EA origin with classical features and not only one or two it’s a longlisted profile on our website that includes the most playable & popular games like all versions of The sims of season 3 & 4 all are available at Shopon. Other popular games are Dragon Age: Inquisition, Titan fall deluxe edition, Mass effect Andromeda, Unravel, Mass effect 3, Harry Potter & the deathly hallows, Anthem, Dragon age origins, Red Dead Redemption 2, Star wars battlefront 1& 2, Death space 3, Medal of honour warfighter, A way out, Commando &conquer 3&4, Crysis 2& maximum edition, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Mirror's edge catalyst, Plants vs Zombies: Garden warfare, Spore, Syndicate&Apex legends. Also the very popular & mostly playing games like the FIFA World cup & battlefield also available with all the latest versions.

Buy Steam games at Shopon

Another very popular category of games is steam games that are quite popular in kids& family. There is a lot of variety of this category available at Shopon. This includes dawn of war, mortal combat x, London 2012, serious Sam 3: BFE, seven kingdoms 2,  serious Sam VR, shadow ninja: Apocalypse, pixel puzzle japan, seven the days long gone, observer, one-piece pirate warrior 4, seum speed runnersfrom hell, Tetris ultimate, prey, returns to castle Wolfenstein, a shadow of the Tomb Raider, Evolve stage 2, senital 4 dark stars, pro evolution soccer, alien isolation, dishonoured 2, super pillow fight, the jackpot party, kill all zombies, injustice Gods among us, War machine: Tactics, Seraphina’s crown, test drive unlimited 2, Gage assault pack, shadow harvest: phantom, poker night, use your word, the sacred tears true, grey moor, Sleengstar 2,liliplacesteam, titan quest, monster truck, family guy, stronghold crusader, Tannenberg steam, Hitman, Taken 7 ultimate, Resident evil, Lords of the rings, state of decay, The Witcher 2, Shadow of Mordor, Max Payne, planet coaster and many more like that are available at reasonable prices. Another famous & well demanding games are Call of duty & Grand theft auto vice city also available with the latest versions.

Buy Uplay games at Shopon

Tom Clancy’sis all-time favourite Uplay games in this category and their version that are available at Shopon are rainbow six, splinter cell, the division, ghost recon, HAWX 2 & End War included. Another popular of this event is Assassin’s Creed and its available version with very fair prices included chronicles: China, unity chemical revolution, black flag, syndicate, Liberation HD, Rogue, Brotherhood, Revelations, and origins The hidden one is available. Besides these more games like Heroes with latest editions, all editions of far cry, the watchdogs, steep, Anno, the crew& call of Juarez also available.

Buy Diablo 3 games at Shopon

The type of games that included Warcraft, StarCraft, Overwatch & Diablo, are available with different versions. Diablo with the available versions is the reaper of souls, Lord of destruction&battle chests available. Warcraft include the battle for Azeroth, frozen throne& reign of chaos are available. Overwatch contains standard edition, origin edition & Game of the year edition.

Buy Rockstarsocial club games at Shopon

The category is quite famous for the key & code of the famous Pc game grand theft auto vice city with available versions that included Megalodon shark cash card, the red shark cash card, tiger shark cash card, the Whale shark cash card, the great White shark cash card& Bull shark cash card that you can easily redeem while purchasing.

Shopon with advanced technology & features

Shopon works hard to meet the real demand of customers in the online market place. You can get every kind of your favourite game with advanced features & technology within the range of your handsome budget. We deal with less profit to gain more customers as compared to another online market place. The prices of games are quite less as it meets you with full entertainment. 


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