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Playstation Store Gift Cards

PSN Gift Cards

PlayStation Gift Cards are your gateway to the wh2rld of entertainment! From the latest games to favorite movies, you can get anything from the PlayStation Store. Are you interested in knowing more about PSN

gift cards? Then read ahead!

PlayStation gift cards are a perfect present for passionate gamers. Just click on your PlayStation dashboard and go to the ‘Store’ option to buy any game you want. Scroll down to the ‘Redeem Codes and Gift

Cards’ option and enter your code number. 

You can also fill your cart with all games you want and pay once during while check-out as you choose ‘Redeem Codes and Gift Cards’ option.

Buy PlayStation Gift Cards in Pakistan

The prices of these cards range between Rs 1,700-23,000 depending on your location and card credits.

They come in several denominations, starting from $10; five dollars increasing on each new card level till you reach $ 75. Then, you directly jump to $100 and $150. You can get a membership card of three to

twelve years as well!

These vouchers are available on PS3, PS4, PS VR, PS, PS Vita, and TV/PSP. The PlayStation Store has a limit of $150, so you don’t have to worry about recharging it again and again! 

Moreover, if you want to redeem your PSN gift card, it is super easy! 

All you have to do is go to the PlayStation Store. If you’re on your PS4, scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and if you’re on the web page click on the avatar on the top of the page.

Select ‘Redeem Code’ and enter your code carefully. Once done, click on ‘Redeem’ and the credit will be added to your account.

An Amazing Gift!

PlayStation gift cards make an exceptional gift for your gaming partner. If you want to celebrate a special occasion and make your loved ones happy, this is just the right present!

They can download or update a game they’ve wanted to play for so long, or you can rent a movie and watch it together! 

Either way, it’s the best deal!


By purchasing these you can download the latest multiplayer maps, missions, and characters. This gives you the incredible opportunity to interact with millions of other gamers online!

Easily Delivered!

Once you’ve ordered the gift card that suits your needs the best, it will be delivered to you within 5-15 minutes. For a hard copy, you can purchase them from any physical store.


Q. Are these games available only for PS browsers?

A. No, you can get them on the PlayStation Store on your PS browser as well as on your PC.

Q. Should I get my gift card through email?

A. Email delivery is comparatively faster and harder to lose. With these, you don’t have to wait in long lines. 

Q. What can I buy with PSN gift cards?

A. Once purchased, you have full access to all the content on the PlayStation Store, including add-ons, music, games, upgrades, and movies. is the perfect place to find PlayStation Gift cards in