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Proline Sports Center Philippines

Terms and Conditions

1. Each E-gift card has a unique code that corresponds to an amount or item.
2. To use the E-gift card, the code must be given by the recipient to the staff by calling any of these numbers: (02) 8722-2561, (02) 8725-3116, 0946-018-6615, 0975-211-3885, and 0915-272-8684 or by sending a message on their Facebook page.
3. The recipient must wait for the staff to finish the validation process. The staff will receive a validation response indicating the E-gift card amount and validity. The staff will follow only what is indicated in the validation response.
4. The recipient is responsible for the safekeeping of the E-gift card code.
5. The recipient must only give this to the staff once he/she commits to use it at the store. In the event that the store's E-gift card validation system is offline or unavailable, the staff shall politely decline to accept the E-gift card. The recipient may still use the E-gift card when the system is back online.
6. The E-gift card may not be valid for use on certain promotional items/services and it cannot be exchanged for cash.
7. The E-gift card is for one-time use only. If the total value of E-gift card is not used up, there will be no cash change given. If the purchase goes beyond the E-gift card amount, the recipient is to pay for the difference.
8. Multiple E-gift card codes may be used per transaction.


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