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Sanamaki (250 grams)

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protect Herbs

Recently Sanamaki has gained a Big Response for being known to help Cure Coronavirus.

SanaMaki is absolutely short in market because it was being imported from India.
In coming days we see the sellers will either sell the Years old faded Leaves with low nutritional value or Powder to deceive customers.

1st. We Sale Leaves Not Powder
Our Sana Maki is one of the Finest ones in market as they are Green Leaves

2nd Green Color
Our Sanamaki has the Natural Green Color Unlike years old stocks.

3. Clean & Real Sanamaki
Our Sanamaki is not loaded with soil & other particles Unlike those from Market.
Ours Sanamaki is as much cleaner & may contains very less particles but nothing to worry , After Making its "Kahwa" one should stain it.

Limited Stock
Since Market its getting short, so currently we could only Purchase a very Limited Stock


Use & instructions
As per Doctor Nazir Sanamaki Leaves may be used in this way.

1Table Spoon in Half Litter Water.
Start Boiling, When Water Starts to Boil, Count 10 Minutes

Take it off & Let it be Drinkable
Add Honey or Shakar But Not White Sugar!

(Taking Bad Quality i.e. Brown Black/Stems can cause Diarhea
& in start it should be taken in lower Qty)

if a Coronavirus patient is using it then After this Qahwa

A Patient should take water steam.
& Take some Rest.

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