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Steam Wallet Gift Cards


About Steam Gift Cards:

Steam is a huge platform for buying video games for your PC and allows you to purchase, download and play the games as much as you want. Steam gift cards allow you to purchase these games without putting in your credit card information so that you don’t have to have a credit card for online purchases activated for this service.

What is Steam Gift Cards?

Steam gift card codes allow you to spend that money on the steam store and buy any game that you want. When you buy a Steam Gift Card you can use that amount on the Steam store which is an app that you can download from the steam website. Using the code you can add the amount to your steam wallet, or use it on checkout, and add any games that you purchase to your steam library.

Steam Gift Card Pakistan:

Steam recently added Pakistan to the list of countries that it supports so you can now buy Steam gift cards that work in Pakistan. The biggest benefit of using the Pakistan region on Steam is that games are a lot cheaper when compared to the US and UK. For example, the two Destiny 2 expansions, Forsaken and Shadow keep, cost $60 on the US store but only cost $20 on the Pakistani store. That is why you should try to get steam gift cards in Pakistan.

Steam Gift Card Email Delivery:

We prefer email delivery because it makes it a lot easier for our customers to get the code. We can email the code directly to you so that you get it immediately after purchasing it. It also makes sure that you have it in your email if you don’t want to use it immediately. You also don’t have to drive to a shop and wait in a lie just to buy a code. It saves time for our customers so we prefer email delivery.

How to Steam Wallet Gift Cards:

If you want to wallet your steam gift card all you have to do is go to the “redeem a code” option in the store and put in the steam gift card code. The amount will then be added to your steam wallet and you can use it to purchase whichever game you want.


What can I use the Steam Gift Card on?

You can use the steam gift card on the Steam store to buy whatever is on the store. You can buy games, visual novels, and even keys to open up crates in CS:GO. You can also use it to buy DLC, preorder games, and buy season passes for games.

Can the Gift Card be Used Anywhere Else?

The gift card can only be used in the steam store. So you can either use it on the website or on the steam store app that is downloaded on your PC.

Why send the gift card through email?

When we send the code through the email you will have it forever and faster than if you would wait in a line for it.