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TeleTalk Gift Card

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a public limited company, affiliated under the Registrar of the Joint stock companies of Bangladesh. They eventually grow and engage their customers through their strong assurance of delivering high-quality products and services relevant to the customer retention and allegiance system. Teletalk endures being a part of the uprising network which connects millions of Bangladeshi residue and around the globe. Teletalk Gift Card Bangladesh limited was recognized keeping a precise role in mind. Teletalk has forged ahead and reinforced its path over the years and accomplished some achievements truly to be gratified of, as the only Bangladeshi mobile operator with the availability of a 100% native technical and engineering HR base. Teletalk flourishes to become a speedy connection in Bangladesh.

What are the core objectives of TeleTalk?

  • Provides the speedy connection of mobile telephone service from the public sector
  • To ensure the guarantee of fair rivalry between public and private sectors for the sake of protecting the public interest.
  • To meet a portion of the absolute high claim of mobile telephone
  • Enhanced their government revenue through their compatible services.

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 What are the criteria required to subscribe to the TeleTalk?

  • NIC Number
  • Passport Size photographs must be needed
  • The fingerprint & signature of the customer
  • The contact information with personal data
  • If you are a postpaid customer, there must be a requirement for a utility bill’s copy

What needs to be required to be a corporate subscriber?

 Teletalk delivers the corporate facility for any organization that became lack in individual cases. There must require more than 5 persons/clients for that purpose.

What must dial to confirm the registration completion?

You must write Q in your message box & send it to 1600 to know that your sim is successfully registered.

What are the Teletalk Helpline numbers?

 If you make a call from your Teletalk mobile

 If you make a call from any operator

What is the payment process of postpaid packages?

Postpaid users can submit their bills by scratching their card numbers. It is a very modest and immediate bill pay system. You can find the cards at your nearest market shops. Teletalk has an extensive variety of Bank Booth. It is very supple to pay bills or credit any amount against your number. Your remaining balance will be modernized reliant on bank acknowledgment.

What method is used to change Your Ownership?

For the sake of the transferee & transferor, you have to concern with their customer care help. All you need is:

National Identity Card Number

The current subscriber’s photo

The new subscriber’s photocopies


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