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The Container Store Gift Cards

The Container Store Gift Cards

The Container Store is the nation's leading vendor of capitalizing the storage and association products. There are more than 10,000 products in which the container store dealing with, you're sure to discover a solution to resolve your every storage challenge. From the closet to the kid's room and everywhere at your surroundings or around you, you must find the space & get the time-saving solution at The Container Store locations countrywide.

How can I buy the Container Store Gift Card from The Shopon?

You can purchase a gift card at for denominations of $25 - $100. You can also buy a gift card online by connecting on the gift card link on the Home page and choose the card type and the quantity you would like to purchase. You can also buy multiple gift cards at Shopon. If you want to order a gift card for more than one individual and want it transported directly to each individual, then make the separate orders to buy each gift card. Due to protocols from the Department of Treasury premeditated to combat terrorist money laundering, the site is incompetent to sell gift cards to people that exceed $9,000 in a single day.

What is the procedure for redeeming the Container Store gift card or merchandise credit card?

Select a gift card or merchandise credit card if you purchase the gift cards online, ensue through Checkout, and select the payment method. Put the Gift Card number and 4 - digit PIN present at the scratch-off area on the back of the card. If your order containing the remaining balance after your gift card has been requested, please select another form of tender to finish your transaction. If the amount of your gift card is greater than the amount of your order, your gift card will spontaneously recalculate to the new, lower amount after the order amount has been taken. The Container Store gift cards and merchandise credit cards can also be redeemed practically when you buy it by your hand in any of our retail stores. Gift cards and merchandise credit cards are not redeemable for cash according to the law.

How many ways of checking the balance of the Container Store Gift Cards?

You may check your balance in any of our trade stores or go online at their official site and visit the option of Check Your Balance. There is another option of making a call on 1-877-877-0032 regardless of checking the balance information 24 hours a day.

How many days required to receive the Container Store gift card that I ordered online?

The Container Store gift cards generally ship within 24 hours via USPS 1st Class Mail within the United States and should arrive within 5-6 business days without any expedited service fee.

Does the Container gift card or merchandise credit card ever expire?

The Container Store gift cards and merchandise credit cards never expire - but you should keep updated with the container store gift cards.

What if I lose my gift card?

We will exchange the residual worth on a lost or stolen gift card when the original receipt is offered. You can make contact at this number 1-888-for gathering more information.

Can I still use my paper gift certificate?

You bet. Although no longer accessible for purchase, The Container Store paper gift documentation is acknowledged in any of their stores or simply e-mail in your gift certificate with your mailed-in order, and we'll take care of the rest. Paper gift certificates can not be redeemed online or through any phone. The Container StoreCustomer Solutions00 Freeport ParkwayCoppell, TX. 75019 are the proper commercial address of the Container Store.



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