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Telephone Organization of Thailand which the world abbreviated as a TOT came into existence on the day of 24th Feb 1954 & it was originated as a corporatized from the on 31 July 2002. TOT has positioned the institution for the telecommunications system in Thailand for over 59 years. With its enduring practices, TOT is ready to deliver a comprehensive range of telecommunications services to meet the necessities of all target groups to their greatest fulfillment. With TOT Prepaid (TH) you can practice a wide collection of TOT services that include Source of knowledge, Online games, Internet, Local and Global call. Buy TOT Prepaid (TH) now at Shopon

Buy TOT Prepared Card at Shopon!

TOT Prepaid (TH) you can practice a wide collection of TOT services that include Source of knowledge, Online games, the Internet, Local and Global call. Buy TOT Prepaid (TH) now at Shopon at many reasonable prices. Shopon deals with the TOT Prepared card up to 100 Baht.


What you can get while using the TOT Prepared Cards?

You can use all amenities of TOT with one code. All you need is a TOT prepaid code, you can use the facilities that includes the learning resources, online games, internet, and phone calls in all over the country. And make worldwide calls that help you to control expenditures.

What kind of services does the TOT Prepared supported towards TOT?

  • TOT Mobile
  • TOT WIfi
  • TOT Pin phone 108
  • TOT smart SMS
  • Cloud apps powered by TOT
  • Knowledge+ powered by TOT


What kind of Forms does the TOT have?

TOT Prepared is available in two forms:

  • Card Dealer
  • Counter

Does TOT Prepared Code Deploy the multiple services at one time?

TOT Prepared Code doesn’t seem to be deployed more than one service at the same time.

Is the TOT affiliated with some other websites?

Yes, there is a long list of websites which are affiliated with TOT:

  • TOT Internet Data Center
  • TOT CA
  • TOT High-Speed Internet
  • TOT Mobile
  • TOT Mail Service
  • TOT Procurement
  • TOT Wireless Net
  • TOT Academy
  • TOT Innovation Institute
  • TOT Wireless Net


How the  TOT Services of the internet became so speedy in Thailand?

TOT has the multi-connection of dealing with the facility of providing the fast-speed internet. The combo of internet fiber services makes the local so fast in every sense like social media, online gaming, domestic speedy calls, etc. For the user of homes, TOT offers the:

  • TOT Fibre 2U
  • TOT High Speed
  • TOT Satellite

What kind of Internet facility does the TOT provide for the outsiders?

  • TOT Wifi
  • TOT Hotspot


Which TOT Service is the superior one from TOT fiber 2U or High-Speed Internet ADSL?

ADSL got copper wire while fiber 2U contains Fiber Optic Cable in terms of technology, ADSL has shared bandwidth while fiber 2U deals in full bandwidth. Some other attributes also proved that TOT fiber 2U is the superior one for choosing the connectivity.  The data transfer speed of ADSL is just up to 20 Mbps while fiber 2U has 1000 Mbps, the performance of fiber 2U is high stable than ADSL. ADSL covers the distance of just up to 5 km while fiber 2U covers 20 Km.


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