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You can get a ULTA Gift Card at Shopon, online at Shopon.com. ULTA Gift Cards and eGift Cards are available in any denomination, up to $100 & there is no expiry date to get promotional gift cards. No service fees will be implemented on purchasers or receivers of Gift Cards or eGift Cards, with the exclusion of expedited shipping fees for plastic gift cards purchased online.

ULTA Gift Card can’t be used to purchase other Gift Cards or eGift Cards, and there is a reservation of Ultimate Rewards points that cannot be redeemed to purchase the eGift cards.

Get the beauty tips to explore the freshness with Ulta Beauty!!!

From foundation shades for enhancing the freshness of the skin or you want to make strong & silky hair for a long time, Ulta beauty presents you the beauty tips for what you want to do for making fresh & attractive:

  • Foundation Quiz
  • Skin Care Quiz
  • Mascara & lash Quiz
  • Foundation tool finder
  • Hair tools guide
  • Fragrance finder
  • Skinfatuation
  • Fragrance crush
  • Ulta Beauty tv
  • Beauty Advisor



What you can get in Ulta Beauty Collection?

This section of Ulta Beauty contains valuable products related to makeup, skin, suncare, Bath & Beauty, Beauty smarts, Gifts & value sets.

What is the difference between a Gift Card and an eGift Card of Ulta Beauty?

Gift Cards are the type of plastic cards that can be purchased in ULTA stores, or online at our sites & also through official retailers. eGift Cards are the kind of virtual gift cards that can be purchased on Shopon.com  and sent through email to a receiver. They functionalize just like a plastic card and can be redeemed either in a ULTA store or online at ulta.com.

What are the services of CashStar?

CashStar is a Maine-based corporation specifying in eGift Cards that let clients and trades to steadily send gift cards over the internet. The main focus of CashStar is to developing a protected finance technology system and facilitate the dedicated to connecting the digital and physical divide. CashStar is a completely PCI compliant supporting system.

How to make Ulta Beauty Gift Cards Redemption?

ULTA Gift Cards and ULTA eGift Cards are redeemable for stock and services in all ULTA locations in the US & their sites. They cannot be redeemed or switched towards cash.

To redeem a ULTA Gift Card in-store, simply make contemporary the Gift Card at the buying period. To redeem a ULTA Gift Card, insert your Gift Card number and PIN at the Payment step through the Checkout process. You can find the pin at the back of the Gift Card by scratch-off the black & silver coating at the bottom.

If you want to redeem the Ulta Beauty Gift Card at the store, you must be allowed the original eGift Card email printed with the eGift Card number and PIN and present it at the time of purchase. To make a redeem at the main site, enter the eGift Card number and PIN at the Payment step during the Checkout process.  The one & only one eGift Card must be redeemed per online order.

The worth of your order quantity plus any sales tax, shipping & handling fees, and any additional charges will be automatically abstracted from the available balance on the ULTA Gift Card or eGift Card. If the amount of the order surpasses the remaining balance on the Gift Card or eGift Card, the receiver will essential to pay for the balance of the order via other acceptable means of tender.


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