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Ultima Proxy is a kind of package that offers a speedy connection between you and the game server. For example, if the speed of a direct connection to the game server is 550ms average, Ultima Proxy services helped you out to maintain the lower down ping time to 210ms average. Ultima Proxy is a safe proxy for the gamers. Your connection between proxy server is held through ssh tunneling, all data traffic transmission in between is encoded. Consequently, all login/password enter is secure. There are no reservations about making a reluctant connection via Ultima Proxy. You can easily lessen the latency with Ultima Proxy today!

Ultima Proxy Background!!!

Ultima is a company in Malaysia essentially suitable for general games, merchandise goods, and proxy services. Through its various products, Ultima is dedicated to giving services to Asia Pacific users with one-stop games stock to consultation their requirements. This vision is followed through a portfolio of store set-ups across the country.

The Expansion of Ultima Proxy!!!

Ultima Online is a tremendously multiplayer online fantasy role-playing game industrialized by Origin Systems. The game inaugurated back in 1997, Ultimate Online has a many PvE and PVP content to retain the players having entertaining. Ultima Online has had many expansions since its introduction held in 1997.

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Ultimate Online Ping!!!

A high Ultima Online ping is the consequence of having great Ultima Online lag or latency. Usually, the speed of the game is inversely proportional to the UO Ping. That means the lower value of the Ping will tend to make the result of the faster response to the game.

Ultimate Online Lag!!!

Ultima Online lag will slow down or making the result of interruption with the receptiveness of your character's when you make command for aggressive actions like moving, offensive, or using incantations and capabilities.

Ultimate Online Latency!!!

Ultima Online Latency will make the result of delay when co-relating or connected with other players, monsters, or computer-controlled characters which are shops or pursuit assistants in the game world.

What is the Ultimate Online Tunnel??

Battle ping is a high-speed Proxy channel which can help to fix Ultima Online lag, latency, and ping. Using Battle ping will create an Ultima Online tunnel linking between yourself and the Battle ping server you have selected. The data of Game packets can be sent at the most speedy rate than an ordinary one. The speed of sending packet data from the router to the game servers will be more affected than the previous one. This can help you to sort out the problems that tend to happen in Ultima Proxy Expansions like UOP, UOL that are packet-loss, or a broken route which are a big cause of lag spikes.
Ultimate Online tunnel feels you like speedy games &  the result is more definable & you got the great advantage of being like a warrior if you are like the speedy games the most.



Buy Ultima Proxy with different periods at Shopon!!!

The great news for the proxy users, now you can get the membership of using Ultima Proxy for one year at Shopon minor disturbing budget. The denominations rates of the using Ultima Proxy at different periods vary from under 1k to 7k. You can select the different scheduling of days at Shopon:

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