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Via Vite Gift Cards

Via Vite Gift Card

Share your love with pasta and the Via Vite experience with your sibling, friends, or relatives with one of Via Vita gift card. Via Vita gift cards contain no expiration date, service charges, or latency fees. This certificate will not be substituted in case of lost or stolen. It cant be redeemed as cash according to the required law of Italy.

The story of Via Vite Italian restaurant’s Chef!!!

Cristian Pietoso was Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Chef is a graduate from the Culinary Institute of Florence, Bernardo Buontalenti.

Cristian got great work experience from the world’s top restaurants which include Cibreo situated in Florence, gave the services under Chef Fabio Picchi, and the most popular Savoy Hotel in London.

In 2004, He moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, to accomplish his command to his father’s Ristorante in Nicole as the Executive Chef. In 2007, He along with his father all set to play their drum card by opened Via Vite on Fountain Square in the heart of downtown. Cristian wedded his wife Amanda in 2010 and together they appropriated their ownership and operations of Via Vite. In 2015, Cristian and Amanda opened another milestone situated in Forno Osteria & Bar in Hyde Park, and Americano in the Central Business District. They opened a second branch of Forno Osteria & Bar in Montgomery, in July of 2018. Well-listed with the success of their four restaurants, the most prominently appetizers can find jarred pasta sauces from Via Vite in tri-state area Kroger grocery stores. Amanda and Cristian used to live with their two daughters and their dog Nocino located in Cincinnati.

Why the products of Via Vite are so special to make an appetizer!!!

Via Vite is a modern Italian Bistro located in the heart of Cincinnati at Fountain Square in a space that was tradition intended for Executive Chef Cristian Pietoso’s apparition. The restaurant’s location on Vine Street is also remembered into its name – Via Vite decodes to Way of the Vine, Cristian was born, raised, and got skilled in Florence, Italy, and He attracts from his culinary practice as well as family recipes for his menu. Via Vite is an abstemiously-valued restaurant that is also very multipurpose. It claims the largest outdoor seating area of any restaurant placed in downtown and serves a variety of customers. At different times, you’ll see administrators directing business over lunch, downtown workers got an appreciation for happy hour, symphony customers appreciating a four-course dinner before the show, or Communists fans enjoying a pre-game beer and pizza. The Penne Bolognese is a family meal while the pizza is Naples style, baked in a stone pizza oven. The delicious desserts are also part of Via Vite food items.

What you find in the menu related recipes of Via Vite Restaurant!!!

The menu of Via Vite Includes:

  • Pasta
  • Risotto
  • Gnocchi
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Starters
  • Pizza

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