Viettel Gift Card

Viettel Gift Card

Viettel is the main mobile network machinist & quite popular in Vietnam. Viettel is a giant developer in innovation and inspiration. Viettel will always be so snooping and empathetic which provides modified client services with care. Viettel finds its goals by fashioning originations that serve mankind. Every creation of Viettel is the result of the innovation to meet the needs of humankind for the sake of making life easy at domestic as well as commercial sectors.

How to make an easy top-up Viettel phone for Vietnam?

You can make easy top-up Viettle phones that consist of easy three steps:

  • Select the product as Vettel got the value of 600 carriers in 150 countries.
  • Gave the required information about which number do you want to make a recharge, & gave the contact details of you.
  • After payment, your Viettel phone getting recharged! Get your order in just a second. If you’ve any issue, Shopon’s team is here to help, get in touch via the contact form.

What is the procedure of checking the Viettel balance?

  • Dial *101# from your mobile keypad.
  • It takes almost 15 minutes to make a recharge

How to make contact with Viettel?

  • You can make contact via email from Viettel.
  • You can contact by making a call on 1800 8098 from any other phone

Viettel is the fastest growing network!!!

Viettel Group is one of the fastest-rising operators in the world. The Group's network is featured with 99,500 GSM Stations that include 2G, 3G & 4G services covers the area of 365,000 km of fiber optical cable.

Viettel got the best 4G services in Vietnam!!!

The Cooperative Authority of Telecommunications under the Ministry of Information and Communications has legitimately broadcast the results of the 4G network quality test in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, and Hung Yen. Therefore, Viettel’s 4G network quality surpasses the Authority’s standards in all measures and exceeds other networks regarding data loading performance.

Furthermore,  Viettel’s average data download speed spreads 70 Mbps in Hanoi and Hai Phong and up to more than 90 Mbps in Hai Duong and Hung Yen. Meanwhile, the average data upload speed in these zones ranges between 30 Mbps and 35 Mbps.

Regarding other standards such as radio network obtainability, service access achievement rate, potential, data transfer cut-off ratio, and so on, it was shown that Viettel totally fulfills with the Ministry’s regulations and even outclasses these necessities with authenticity.

The brands of Viettel!!!

Viettel Global is demonstrating its capabilities through the achievement of its companies when most of them taking the foremost positions in their national telecom marketplaces in terms of subscribers/revenue/infrastructure, for illustration, Metfone in Cambodia, Telenor in Timor-Leste or Movitel in Mozambique are the most popular brands till now. Some other brands are also leading the states like:

  • Mytel in Myanmar
  • Limited in Burundi
  • Hotels in Tanzania
  • Bitel in Peru
  • Nextel in Cameroon
  • Natcom in Haiti
  • Unitel in Laos

Consumer Services of Viettel!!!

  • IT
  • Telecommunication
  • Retail
  • Post
  • Research
  • Manufacturing


Government & Enterprises Services of Viettel!!!

  • V-GOMs
  • V-office
  • National Single Window
  • Education Ecosystem
  • Import & Export

Get the Viettel Vouchers at Shopon!!!

Shopon deals with the maximum value of Viettel code up to 1,000,000 at the budget-friendly package of 10K. The product is most authentic & must be associated & beneficial of getting the best services of Viettel under a minor investment.


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