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Web Money

WebMoney Transfer is a global defrayal system and atmosphere for online business conducts, founded in 1998. Since then, over 40 million people from all over the world have joined the web money system.

What is the agenda of Web Money?

WebMoney approaches amenities that will allow you to keep track of your assets, attract aiding, resolve disagreements, and make secure transactions. The technology accessible by WebMoney is established on a set of standardized interfaces, which system applicants can use for managing their asset property rights, kept safe by specialized companies that are called Guarantors.

What is the registration procedure of Web Money?

System users can register any number of web money units that purses with any Guarantor. All purses belong to a single user are expediently kept in a Guardian which is assigned to the user`s WMID registration number. Treasures within the system are precise in the WebMoney units (WM). To interrelate internally, all system contributors are required to specify personal information verified by the certification service. Each system member is spontaneously allocated with the internal system parameter available for the public considering that we called the Business Level, which is based upon the number of transactions swapped with other system users. 


Financial Supporters of Web Money!!!

Each financial supporter is also the part of Guarantor's support team having different email id each for making contact of any circumstances:

  • WMZ
  • WME
  • WMR
  • WMB
  • WMG
  • WMV
  • WMK
  • WMX
  • WML

How many types of Web Money Purses are?

The System now endorses the following sorts of purses which account for property rights of different types of valuables:

  • P-Wallet
  • E-Wallet
  • B-Wallet
  • G-Wallet
  • Z-Wallet
  • K-Wallet
  • V-Wallet
  • X-Wallet
  • H-Wallet
  • L-Wallet
  • Y-Wallet
  • R-Wallet
  • U-Wallet

The most authentic security of Web Money System!!!

WebMoney Transfer Technology is advanced taking into contemplation modern security requirements for online information management systems. Information verification is the most valid point in providing security to any information transient through the System. WebMoney Transfer specifies three main authentication methods & that is:


  • You can use your WMID which you have an option to implement phone number, e-mail detailed during registration as a login. Usually, this technique is followed by an extra authorization.


  • For making an authentic launch of WM Keeper Classic, there is a unique 12-symbol WM-identifier, a password set by the user, and kept files with the secret key and wallets stored in your windows account.  (You must keep backup copies of keys and wallets files on a portable media stored safely) It will suggestively easy to recover your access to your wallet in case if the files at your PC are lost or terminated.  
  • Personal digital certificates are the most authenticate policy
  • Sending the SMS verification code can make the additional confirmation for your transactions.
  • Your  E-Num which is a kind of service to generating single-use passwords is also the way of giving additional security.


Get the Web Money Services for business as well as Personal at Shopon!!!

Get the web money at the most valuable rates from Shopon. You can get the personal services that include:


  • Raise fund
  • For work
  • Loans
  • Bank Cards
  • E-money
  • Arbitrage


      Web-money also supports the services related to business forums:


  • For merchants & retailers
  • For websites
  • For exchange offers
  • For banks
  • For dealers & payment system
  • Capital
  • For Web developers

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