WtFast is the Gamers' Private Network (GPN) which is not a VPN. The GPN is essentially different than any other type of network solution. The GPN improves your game connection through an intelligent server network to route your game data. The WtFast intelligent network offers you to make better online gaming experience.

  • Reduced latency
  • Lower ping
  • Fewer lost packets

Why WtFast is so important to me?

WtFast uses an intelligent server network to making speedy room for your game connection. WtFast service prioritizes on generating the best connection possible for online gaming. If you care about your connection and want the greatest online experience ever, then WtFast proved to be very important to you.

What is the system compatibility required to use WtFast?

The WtFast  PC client presently only works under the Windows operating systems running 7 or more. While WtFast does not currently have a certified Mac version but you can still used WtFast on Mac by permitting your Microsoft Windows functionality. For Mac users, we recommend installing Windows through Boot Camp, as it will give you full access to much higher compatible games.

How to use WtFast?

  • Create WtFast account
  • Download the latest version
  • Double click WtFast setup.exe downloaded file
  • Follow the instructions in windows


How to overcome Troubleshooting problems that occur in new accounts?

Sometimes users cannot get the verification email on their mailbox or facing a browser error while trying to verify a newly WtFast account. If you are facing these problems or additional issue while activating your new WtFast account, some steps overcome the troubleshoot problem:    

  • Clear the cookies on your current browser
  • Restart the browser 
  • Use the link of secure WtFast to send the code again, Check the verification code properly in your mailbox
  • Click the activate account button located in the verification mailbox

Does WtFast support the X game?

WtFast currently supports more than 1500 game titles of different genres &  WtFast supports all popular games accessible to the public and unfluctuating closed and open beta games when they become available. If your favorite game is NOT supported by us, you can make a demand by clicking an option of a new game request.

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  • 1 month
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The Redeem of Promotional Key!!!

  • Login to your WtFast account
  • Click the activate key & then press Activate

How to make an addition of a Steam game as a custom game?

  • Log in to your steam account
  • Move to the library
  • Right-click to add the game
  • Choose properties
  • Select the local files tab
  • Browse local files
  • Select the path of your game from the steam game folder
  • Games have 32 or 64-bit options.

Custom game!!!

  • Open WtFast
  • Create the custom game
  • Found via browsing steam from files
  • No launcher
  • Don’t add launcher parameter
  • Save & run