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Xbox Live Gift Cards


Xbox live gift card

The best features in the world of online games, XBOX is one of the top and one of the favourite gaming engine for the game lover. Xbox live gift cards are the live service that is used for the customers to play online games. With the help of Xbox gift cards, you can buy the hottest Xbox games, apps, movies, tv shows, devices and more. You can find Xbox live gift cards very easily on our website with great offers and packages. these cards are essentially Microsoft gift cards as they can be used to purchase just about any digital content on the Windows 10 ecosystem, as well as a variety of hardware from retail Microsoft store.

Gift for Gamers

Xbox live is the Ultimate Gaming Arena. The place where something is always going on. You can find people to play with and talk to 24 hours a day. The place where you have a single, persistent identity. The place where you download new stuff for your games anytime you feel like it. The most important of that place is here, Gaming is king. Shopon works hard to make their website all-rounder for the customer where they can collect and get the features of Xbox live through their gift cards.


  • Latest Games (Xbox)
  • Movies(Xbox)
  • Tv show(Xbox)
  • Top Games(Windows)
  • Apps(Windows)
  • Xbox Consoles
  • Bundles(Microsoft stores)

Xbox gift cards are used in:

  • Windows
  • Xbox
  • Microsoft store online
  • Physical Microsoft stores( can't use)


Xbox gift card contains two types:

  • Xbox one
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox live required for both types


The features of these types are as follow:

  • For Games(Xbox Gift Card)
  • For Entertainment(Windows & Xbox)
  • For Blockbuster Games(Xbox one)
  • For Windows 10(Xbox 360)


Xbox live has two levels of membership

  • Silver
  • Gold

Free Membership

Free members have limited features.

  • Create a profile and a Gamer tag
  • Create a friend list
  • Preview Games
  • Stream Video content
  • Download Games
  • Send and receive messages
  • Make a video call

Gold Membership

It contains all the free features and also:

  • Interactive online gameplay
  • Streaming video content from Netflix
  • Streaming Tv & movies from Hulu Plus
  • Streaming live events using ESPN on Xbox live
  • Social Networking with tweeter & Facebook
  • Streaming Radio from the Last FM
  • Streaming music selections from Zune

Xbox Live Gold

The most advanced network of Xbox is now available on

  • The greatest community of Gamers
  • Fastest Gaming Network
  • Most reliable console
  • Multiplayer Gaming
  • Best in competitive and cooperative
  • Free Games
  • Discount Games
  • Multiplayer for everyone
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Upgrade your Gold
  • Go ultimate
  • Alone, you are Mighty
  • With others, you are Gold


These all the features of Xbox live are now available on in the form of their gift cards and customer have a great opportunity now to achieve these offers and enjoy.


The redeem process of Xbox gift cards are as follows:

  • Go to Microsoft app
  • Select the ellipsis in the top right corner
  • Select Redeem a code
  • Enter your redeem code in the field
  • Select next
  • The card’s credit added to your account.